Techieh Chen

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A clinical trial contrasted 2 interventions designed to link opioid-dependent hospital patients to drug abuse treatment. The 126 out-of-treatment participants were randomly assigned to (a) case management, (b) voucher for free methadone maintenance treatment (MMT), (c) case management plus voucher, or (d) usual care. Services were provided for 6 months. MMT(More)
Little is known about cigarette smoking among opioid users who are not in substance abuse treatment. The study examined cigarette smoking in out-of-treatment opioid users presenting at a hospital who participated in drug abuse research. Participants exhibited a high rate of smoking (92%) at baseline that remained unchanged at one year and were moderately(More)
To evaluate the equivalence of electronic and paper versions of the Psoriasis Symptom Inventory and to examine measurement properties of the electronic version. In a prospective, randomized, crossover, non-interventional study in adult subjects (age ≥18 years) with plaque psoriasis conducted over a period of 15 days, subjects were randomized to two groups,(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES This article describes therapeutic community (TC) services modified to support methadone residents and their service utilization in a study of TC patients (N = 231) receiving versus not receiving methadone. METHODS Service utilization data are reported from providers (i.e., methadone support group counselor, acupuncturist, and(More)
Information about and understanding of Native Hawaiian substance abuse and utilization of substance abuse treatment services is limited. This article reviews the literature on the prevalence and factors associated with substance abuse and use of health services among Native Hawaiian women in the U.S. The literature review included three review and 13(More)
This study identified predictors of condom use and developed a model of condom use in a sample of men (n = 324) enrolled in drug treatment. Utilizing a series of logistic regression analyses reported condom use was predicted by possession of condoms, future intention to use condoms, future intention to increase condom use, having a high-risk partner, low(More)
This study examined the effect of syringe exchange program setting on the injection practices, health status, and health service utilization patterns of injection drug users (IDUs) recruited from a public urban hospital. One hundred sixty-six participants were randomized to either community- or hospital-based syringe exchange services. Poisson regression(More)
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is associated with poor health but there is a gap between need and receipt of care. It is useful to understand where to optimally locate in-person care and where video-based PTSD care would be most useful to minimize access to care barriers, care outside the Veterans Affairs system, and total costs. We developed a(More)
Men exposed to a condom skills practice exercise were hypothesized to perform better on condom skills measures than those exposed only to a demonstration or to no intervention. As part of a larger National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Clinical Trials Network HIV Prevention protocol, men in substance abuse treatment were administered male and female condom(More)
Immigrants are less likely than others to use mental health (MH) services. Physicians' limited time often precludes inquiry about MH. This study investigated the influence of generational status, ethnicity, and mental/substance use disorders on physicians' inquiries about Asian American (AA) MH. Data from the National Latino and Asian American Study were(More)