Teale Fristoe

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Educational programming environments such as Microsoft Research's Kodu Game Lab are often used to introduce novices to computer science concepts and programming. Unlike many other educational languages that rely on scripting and Java-like syntax, the Kodu language is entirely event-driven and programming takes the form of "when" do' clauses. Despite this(More)
While game mechanics are a primary focus in game design and game studies, they have been little discussed in the context of introductory game creation and programming environments. But game mechanics are central here as well, with different tools supporting the elements needed for some game mechanics (and genres) but not others. Research suggests many(More)
To determine whether a nonisotopic procedure is suitable for analyzing clinical specimens for gene rearrangements, the authors hybridized DNA from 15 specimens of lymphoid tissue with biotinylated DNA probes directed to J beta I + J beta II (T-cell receptor beta chain gene), JH (immunoglobulin gene heavy chain J region), and J kappa (immunoglobulin gene(More)
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