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This paper presents a comprehensive comparison between the performance of state-of-the-art genetic algorithms NSGA-II, SPEA2 and IBEA and their differential evolution based variants DEMO, DEMO and DEMO. Experimental results on 16 numerical multiobjective test problems show that on the majority of problems, the algorithms based on differential evolution(More)
COCO is a platform for Comparing Continuous Optimizers in a black-box setting. It aims at automatizing the tedious and repetitive task of benchmarking numerical optimization algorithms to the greatest possible extent. We present the rationals behind the development of the platform as a general proposition for a guideline towards better benchmarking. We(More)
In evolutionary multiobjective optimization, it is very important to be able to visualize approximations of the Pareto front (called approximation sets) that are found by multiobjective evolutionary algorithms. While scatter plots can be used for visualizing 2-D and 3-D approximation sets, more advanced approaches are needed to handle four or more(More)
The bbob-biobj test suite contains 55 bi-objective functions in continuous domain which are derived from combining functions of the well-known single-objective noiseless bbob test suite. Besides giving the actual function definitions and presenting their (known) properties, this documentation also aims at giving the rationale behind our approach in terms of(More)
Driving a vehicle along a route consists of control actions applied to the vehicle by taking into account the vehicle and route states. Control actions are usually selected by optimizing the traveling time and the fuel consumption. However, the resulting vehicle behavior can be uncomfortable for the driver/passengers. The comfort is measured as the change(More)
Nowadays, Renewable Energy Sources (RES) are attracting more and more interest. Thus, many countries aim to increase the share of green energy and have to face with several challenges (e.g., balancing, storage, pricing). In this paper, we address the balancing challenge and present the MIRABEL project which aims to prototype an Energy Data Management System(More)
The efficiency of universal electric motors that are widely used in home appliances can be improved by optimizing the geometry of the rotor and the stator. Expert designers traditionally approach this task by iteratively evaluating candidate designs and improving them according to their experience. However, the existence of reliable numerical simulators and(More)
This document details the rationales behind assessing the performance of numerical blackbox optimizers on multi-objective problems within the COCO platform and in particular on the biobjective test suite bbob-biobj. The evaluation is based on a hypervolume of all nondominated solutions in the archive of candidate solutions and measures the runtime until the(More)