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Non-indigenous species (NIS) are species living outside their historic or native range. Invasive NIS often cause severe environmental impacts, and may have large economical and social consequences. Elodea (Hydrocharitaceae) is a New World genus with at least five submerged aquatic angiosperm species living in fresh water environments. Our aim was to survey(More)
Elodea canadensis is an aquatic angiosperm native to North America. It has attracted great attention due to its invasive nature when transported to new areas in its non-native range. We have determined the complete nucleotide sequence of the chloroplast (cp) genome of Elodea. Taxonomically Elodea is a basal monocot, and only few monocot cp genomes(More)
Metabarcoding technology through high-throughput sequencing can characterize the species composition of bulk samples, including even degraded DNA. In the present study, we conducted DNA metabarcoding (the nuclear ITS2 region) for indoor fungal samples originating from a nursery school with a suspected mould problem and from a university building.(More)
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