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Abstruct-A new achievable rate region for the general interference channel which extends previous results is presented and evaluated. Tbe technique used is a generalization of superposition coding to the multivari-able case. A detailed computation for tbe Gaussian cbaunel case clarifies to wbat extent the new region improves previous ones. The capacity of a(More)
A formula for the capacity of arbitrary single-user channels without feedback (not necessarily information stable, stationary, etc.) is proved. Capacity is shown to equal the supremum, over all input processes, of the input-output inf information rate defined as the liminf in probability of the normalized information density. The key to this result is a new(More)
Given a channel and an input process, the minimum randomness of those input processes whose output statistics approximate the original output statistics with arbitrary accuracy is studied. The notion of resolvability of a channel, defined as the number of random bits required per channel use in order to generate an input that achieves arbitrarily accurate(More)