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Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems have been introduced by companies to facilitate their new product development process to shorten the product time to market, reduce the product development cost, and meet the dynamic demands of customers. However, PLM implementation is not an easy job and some of the attempted(More)
The reduced text of a document is the collection of sentences that contains the important sentences containing keywords of the document. The authentic keywords extraction is the primary target for any text reduction algorithm. The presented survey shows the primary algorithm used for document summarization based on keywords. Also, the work presents a novel(More)
This research is to propose an IR related technique, the incremental aspect model (ISM), which not only uncovers latent aspects from the collected documents but also adapts the aspect model on streaming documents chronologically. ISM includes two stages: in Stage I, probabilistic latent semantic indexing (PLSI) technique is used to build a primary aspect(More)
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