Teógenes Senna de Oliveira

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Many environmental benefits have been attributed to agroforestry systems in various ecosystems around the world. However, there is a limited amount of information to evaluate this agricultural system in the semi-arid region, specifically in the region of Ceará, Brazil. The objective of this work was to evaluate five agricultural (four agroforestry and one(More)
Inadequate soil management practices adopted in the Brazilian semi-arid region contribute to erosive processes. Agroforestry systems (AFs) have been considered an alternative to reduce water erosion. This study aimed to evaluate the impact of two alternatives AFs, a traditional and an intensive cropping system on the losses of sediments, water, organic(More)
In order to ensure the sustainability of agroecosystems, biodiversity must be a priority. Agroforestry, which includes trees, is an example of such diverse systems. We evaluated plant diversity and aboveground biomass production to assess whether areas under fallow following traditional cultivation return to their initial condition. Also, plant diversity(More)
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