Td Barbara Nguyen-Vu

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The climbing fiber input to the cerebellar cortex is thought to provide instructive signals that drive the induction of motor skill learning. We found that optogenetic activation of Purkinje cells, the sole output neurons of the cerebellar cortex, can also drive motor learning in mice. This dual control over the induction of learning by climbing fibers and(More)
Across many studies, animals with enhanced synaptic plasticity exhibit either enhanced or impaired learning, raising a conceptual puzzle: how enhanced plasticity can yield opposite learning outcomes? Here, we show that the recent history of experience can determine whether mice with enhanced plasticity exhibit enhanced or impaired learning in response to(More)
The cerebellum plays an important role in motor control. The cerebellar key players include Purkinje cells (PCs), mossy fibers, climbing fibers, and parallel fibers. Each PC receives inputs from many parallel fibers and from a single climbing fiber. Cerebellar outputs originate from the deep cerebellar and vestibular nuclei. Cerebellar nuclei (CN) neurons(More)
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