Tazeen Saeed Ali

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BACKGROUND Intimate partner violence (IPV) is an important public health issue with severe adverse consequences. Population-based data on IPV from Muslim societies are scarce, and Pakistan is no exception. This study was conducted among women residing in urban Karachi, to estimate the prevalence and frequency of different forms of IPV and their associations(More)
BACKGROUND Pakistan is a patriarchal society where men are the primary authority figures and women are subordinate. This has serious implications on women's and men's life prospects. OBJECTIVE The aim was to explore current gender roles in urban Pakistan, how these are reproduced and maintained and influence men's and women's life circumstances. DESIGN(More)
BACKGROUND Secondary infertility in developing countries is mostly attributable to blockage of the fallopian tubes due to adhesions caused by reproductive tract infections. There is a dearth of information on the prevalence and causes of secondary infertility from Pakistan. This paper presents results on factors associated with secondary infertility among(More)
This study was aimed at identifying practices during the menstrual, partum and postpartum periods posing possible risk factors contributing towards secondary infertility in women of a selected population in Karachi, Pakistan. A matched case-control study was conducted from April 2003 to March 2004. Four hundred cases were selected from five infertility(More)
BACKGROUND There is very little information about the quality of life (QOL) of stroke survivors in LMIC countries with underdeveloped non communicable health infrastructures, who bear two thirds of the global stroke burden. METHODOLOGY We used a sequential mix methods approach. First, a quantitative analytical cross-sectional study was conducted on 700(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine validity and reliability of the Urdu translated, modified "Response to symptoms questionnaire" (RSQ) among acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients in Karachi. STUDY DESIGN A qualitative, tool validation study. PLACE AND DURATION OF STUDY Two tertiary care hospitals in Karachi, the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi and the(More)
BACKGROUND This study explored how married women perceive situations which create family conflicts and lead to different forms of violence in urban Pakistan. In addition, it examines perceptions of consequences of violence, their adverse health effects, and how women resist violence within marital life. METHODS Five focus group discussions were conducted(More)
The advancement in medical science has created health care environments that require nursing professionals who posses specialized clinical knowledge and skills to provide care and deal with critically and acutely ill children. This study explored gaps between knowledge and practice as perceived by the registered nurses of pediatric units by further(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare open and laparoscopic appendectomies and to evaluate the level of efficacy of both types of appendectomy performed at Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH). METHODS Based on this strong study rationale, a clinical audit of patient's records was performed to evaluate the significance of this technique as a treatment modality. The study(More)
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