Tayyeb Sultan Khan

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The present case report is of trauma episode of the lower anterior teeth, causing pulpal necrosis with periradicular periodontitis, resulting in the occurrence of cutaneous sinus tracts (fistula). Previous misdiagnosis and inappropriate medical treatment were ineffective. Only when properly referred to dentists, the differential diagnosis was made. The(More)
Fibroma is one of the most common soft tissue benign tumors of the oral cavity. These masses represent hyperplasias instead of true neoplasm, which develop due to irritation to the mucosal tissue resulting in proliferation of the cells. Although so common in the oral cavity, its occurrence on the palate is rare, mainly due to fewer chances of trauma. Here,(More)
Injury to the permanent central incisors due to trauma in the maxillofacial region, though common, may result in an uncommon sequel. We report a case of traumatic injury in a 5-year-old child with displacement of the tooth bud into the nasal floor. The identification of ectopic tooth buds poses little diagnostic challenge due to the available imaging(More)
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