Taylor Whipple

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This paper examines the problem of distributed coverage of an initially unknown environment using a multi-robot system. Specifically, focus is on a coverage technique for coordinating teams of multiple mobile robots that are deployed and maintained in a certain formation while covering the environment. The technique is analyzed theoretically and(More)
A total of 150 children between 2.5 and 5 yr. of age were tested on one of three conditions (one experimental and two control) of a copying task adapted from the 1982 Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration of Beery. In the experimental condition, the geometric forms were labeled with the names of familiar objects. Analysis of scores indicated that(More)
We consider the problem of distributed terrain or area coverage of an initially unknown environment using a set of mobile robots. We describe a distributed algorithm that is able to solve the distributed coverage problem without having each robot exchange its complete coverage map with other robots. The central part of our technique is a compression(More)
T h e paper descra similation envi"ent for prediction of electrical characteristics of integrated CiIUlit packaging structures. Ihe simulation shell, Packaging Design Support Envimrmnt (HXSE), integrates tools for modeling and simulation of electrical charaderistics in VIS1 packages. lmey also provide facilities for suppor+g design of -1 packages. smulation(More)
An X-Windows based simulation environment has been developed for the prediction of electrical characteristics of integrated circuit packaging structures. This program, called Packaging Design Support Environment (PDSE), applies simulation management techniques to drive several tools that make these calculations. Two tools calculate inductance and(More)
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