Taylor Stone

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HIV associated dementia (HAD) is the most advanced stage of central nervous system disease caused by HIV infection. Previous studies have demonstrated that patients with HAD exhibit greater cerebral and basal ganglia atrophy than non-demented HIV+ (HND) patients. However, the extent to which white matter is affected in HAD patients compared to HND patients(More)
BACKGROUND Allogeneic red blood cell transfusion is associated with increased morbidity and mortality in adult trauma patients. Although studies have suggested that the adoption of a more restrictive transfusion strategy may be safely applied to critically ill adult and all-cause critically ill pediatric patients, recent developments in our understanding of(More)
Clear-cell chondrosarcoma is a rare, low-grade variant of chondrosarcoma characterized by slow growth, low metastatic potential, and a predilection for local recurrence long after treatment. We report an unusually aggressive case of clear-cell chondrosarcoma of the humerus with early metastasis to multiple bony sites including femur, thoracic and lumbar(More)
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