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Interrelationships between production of progesterone (P4), prostaglandin (PG) E2 and PGF2 alpha, and collagenase by periovulatory ovine follicles and their possible involvements in the ovulatory process were investigated. Follicles were isolated from ovaries at intervals (0 to 24 h) after the initiation of the preovulatory surge of luteinizing hormone(More)
Dynamic secondary ion mass spectrometry was used to investigate the chain mobility of polystyrene (MW ranging from 4.3 to 957 kg/mol) at the free surface. The data show that the diffusion coefficient was reduced relative to the bulk value within a distance, d < or = 4R(g), from the surface and scaled as 1/N(2.5) at fixed d. These results are in excellent(More)
This paper presents a multi-AUV state-estimator that can determine the 3D position of a tagged fish. In addition to angle measurements, the state-estimator also incorporates distance and depth measurements. These additional sensor measurements allow for greater accuracy in the position estimates. A newly developed motion model that better accounts for(More)
--Tracking fish has primarily been accomplished using acoustic telemetry. Typically, a fish is tagged, released, and manually tracked using hydrophones that detect acoustic tag transmissions. More recently, such hydrophone receiver systems have been mounted on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) to increase system mobility. This paper presents a new(More)
There is growing evidence for ice and fluids near the surface of Mars with potential discharge of brines, which may preserve a record of past life on the planet. Proven techniques to sample Mars subsurface will be critical for future NASA astrobiology missions that will search for such records. The required technology studies are underway in the McMurdo Dry(More)
The Inner Triplet Heat Exchanger Test Unit (IT-HXTU) is a 30-m long thermal model designed at Fermilab, built in US industry, fully automated and tested at CERN as part of the US LHC program to develop the LHC Interaction Region quadrupole system. The cooling scheme of the IT-HXTU is based on heat exchange between stagnant pressurized He II in the magnet(More)
Dystroglycan (DG) is a highly expressed extracellular matrix receptor that is linked to the cytoskeleton in skeletal muscle. DG is critical for the function of skeletal muscle, and muscle with primary defects in the expression and/or function of DG throughout development has many pathological features and a severe muscular dystrophy phenotype. In addition,(More)
We describe a double-scattering experiment with a novel tagged neutron beam to measure differential cross sections for np backscattering to better than +/-2% absolute precision. The measurement focuses on angles and energies where the cross section magnitude and angle dependence constrain the charged pion-nucleon coupling constant, but existing data show(More)
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