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Rotational relaxation functions of the end-to-end vector of short, freely jointed and freely rotating chains were determined from molecular dynamics simulations. The associated response functions were obtained from the one-sided Fourier transform of the relaxation functions. The Cole-Davidson function was used to fit the response functions with extensive(More)
The authors demonstrate that it is possible to anodize steel in either KOH or NaOH solutions and grow an adherent oxide on the steel surface. By varying the temperature, voltage, and electrolyte composition, one may electrochemically grow either an adherent blue-black magnetite layer, a light brown oxide, or a semiadherent dichroic magnetite layer on many(More)
While modern technological development has promised the liberation of humanity from the constraints of the natural world: disease, toil, hunger and so on, post-modern technological developments promise a new kind of liberation: the freeing of humanity from the limitations and burdens found in the social world of people. Emerging technologies such as virtual(More)
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