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The porosity and architecture of bone scaffolds, intended for use in bone repair or replacement, are two of the most important parameters in the field of bone tissue engineering. The two parameters not only affect the mechanical properties of the scaffolds but also aid in determining the amount of bone regeneration after implantation. Scaffolds with five(More)
The studies have been aimed at the evaluation of the effects of the use of purifying and insulating equipment of the respiratory system upon some physiological reactions. Also optimum physiological parameters for the respiratory tract safety equipment have been set up. The value of air flow resistance measured at constant air flow rate of 30 l/min should(More)
Introduction: The elastic modulus of human rib bone derived from tensile coupon tests (13.9GPa) could be too high for applications in Finite Element (FE) modeling of the human thorax, as the homogenous elements lack the microstructure of typical rib bone. In this study MicroCT scans of ribs from three cadavers were used to determine homogenized elastic(More)
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