Taylor A. Banks

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Granulomatous cheilitis (GC) is a poorly understood disease process belonging to the larger group of orofacial granulomatosis. The treatment of GC has proven exceedingly difficult. While various treatments have been applied to GC, there has been no uniform or predictably successful model demonstrated in the literature. Poor understanding of the aetiological(More)
A case of autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome (ALPS) was presented, followed by a discussion of the clinical characteristics, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of this disease. Clinical pearls and pitfalls are emphasized for the use of the practicing allergist and the fellow in-training. The diagnosis of ALPS was guided by published criteria. A(More)
Hymenoptera venom allergy accounts for approximately 17% of all cases of anaphylaxis. Insect stings are a common occurrence across the world, with significant impact on active duty personnel. Venom immunotherapy (VIT) provides an effective treatment for those with systemic reactions to insect stings and other similar indications. We present a case of severe(More)
Confounding variables play a significant role in many adverse seafood reactions and a clear understanding of these factors is important in properly characterizing reactions associated with potential masqueraders and mimics. Although the medical literature is replete with reviews of seafood hypersensitivity and reports of cross-reactive and newly(More)