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Videos of classroom lectures have proven to be a popular and versatile learning resource. This paper reports on videos featuring Indexing, Captioning, and Search capability (ICS Videos). The goal is to allow a user to rapidly search and access a topic of interest, a key shortcoming of the standard video format. A lecture is automatically divided into(More)
—Lecture videos have been commonly used to supplement in-class teaching and for distance learning. Videos recorded during in-class teaching and made accessible online are a versatile resource on par with a textbook and the classroom itself. Nonetheless, the adoption of lecture videos has been limited, in large part due to the difficulty of quickly accessing(More)
Video of a classroom lecture has been shown to be a versatile learning resource comparable to a textbook. Captions in videos are highly valued by students, especially those with hearing disability and those whose first language is not English. Captioning by automatic speech recognition (ASR) tools is of limited use because of low and variable accuracy.(More)
This paper describes a large-scale study of student use and perceived value of videos of faculty lectures as an additional learning resource. The survey-based study was conducted with ~2,300 college students in biology, chemistry, computer science, geology, and mathematics. The study provides a nuanced understanding of the nature and frequency of students’(More)
Online social network analysis has attracted great attention with a vast number of users sharing information and availability of APIs that help to crawl online social network data. In this paper, we study the research studies that are helpful for user characterization as online users may not always reveal their true identity or attributes. We especially(More)
Video of classroom lectures is a valuable and increasingly popular learning resource. A major weakness of the video format is the inability to quickly access the content of interest. The goal of this work is to automatically partition a lecture video into topical segments which are then presented to the user in a customized video player. The approach taken(More)
Videos of classroom lectures have proven to be a popular and versatile learning resource. A key shortcoming of the lecture video format is accessing the content of interest hidden in a video. This work meets this challenge with an advanced video framework featuring topical indexing, search, and captioning (ICS videos). Standard optical character recognition(More)
Social networks in any form, specifically online social networks (OSNs), are becoming a part of our everyday life in this new millennium especially with the advanced and simple communication technologies through easily accessible devices such as smartphones and tablets. The data generated through the use of these technologies need to be analyzed for(More)
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