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This letter studies the performance of various image representation schemes used for image search problems for the purpose of geographic image retrieval from satellite imagery. We compare the most widely adopted method of the bag-of-words (BoW) approach with the more recently introduced vector of locally aggregated descriptors (VLAD) and its more compact(More)
The purpose of this study is to make a cost-benefit-analysis for integration projects helping drug addicts and substitutes to reintegrate into society. The study is intended to contribute to a better allocation of resources under the trade-off-situation that only a limited number of integration projects can be realized due to budget limitations. This pilot(More)
In this work, we survey the performance of various feature encoding models for geographic image retrieval task. Recently introduced Vector-of-Locally-Aggregated Descriptors (VLAD) and its Product Quantization encoded binary version VLAD-PQ are compared with the widely used Bag-of-Word (BoW) model. Evaluation results are shown on a publicly available(More)
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