Tayab D. Memon

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This paper describes the design and implementation of a single-bit FIR Filter with balanced ternary coefficients (i.e.-1/0/+1) aimed at general DSP applications. The fixed filter coefficients were computed using a sigma delta modulation technique. The filter is based on a hierarchical adder structure that can be pipelined for high performance that has been(More)
While one-bit ΣΔ modulators are widely used in Analog to Digital conversion stages due to their inherent line-arity and precision, it is less common for the entire digital processing path to operate in single bit mode at the over-sampled rate of the conversion system. The conventional approach has been to decimate the signal bit stream after conversion and(More)
In developing countries Doctors or Physicians don't like to go to the rural areas and people of rural (backwards) areas are not facilitated up to the mark. Thus the disaster situation occurs when these people are transferred to the city hospital for tertiary and mostly even for primary care. Advancement in the field of communications provided the solution(More)
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