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Philippine Crocodile Crocodylus mindorensis
The Philippine crocodile was described in 1935 by Karl Schmidt on the basis of a type specimen and three paratypes from the island of Mindoro and nowadays C. mindorensis is generally treated as a full species endemic to the Philippines. Expand
Andrena (Andrena) aculeata (LaBerge, 1980) (Andrenidae: Andreninae)
SUMMARY Andrena aculeata is restricted to the Columbia Basin but the limited records suggest that it is fairly widespread within that region. Little is known of its biology but it has a long flightExpand
Hylaeus lunicraterius (Snelling, 1970) (Collitidae: Hylaeinae)
SUMMARY Hylaeus lunicraterius has only been recorded at the Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho. Little is known of its biology. It is probably a generalist forager and may nest in snags,Expand