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Selenium is among the materials under investigation that may form effective detectors and provide a major contribution to digital mammography. Till the final image formation, there is an intervention of the x-ray photons transformation to primary electrons and their subsequent ionizing drift towards the electrodes that collect them. The characteristics of(More)
Materials such as a-Se, a-As(2)Se(3), GaSe, GaAs, Ge, CdTe, CdZnTe, Cd(0.8)Zn(0.2)Te, ZnTe, PbO, TlBr, PbI(2) and HgI(2) are potential candidates as photoconductors in direct detectors for digital mammography. The x-ray induced primary electrons inside a photoconductor's bulk comprise the initial signal that propagates and forms the final signal (image) on(More)
OBJECTIVES Review available guidance for quality assurance (QA) in mammography and discuss its contribution to harmonise practices worldwide. METHODS Literature search was performed on different sources to identify guidance documents for QA in mammography available worldwide in international bodies, healthcare providers, professional/scientific(More)
PURPOSE To study the impact of shielding elements in the proximity of Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy (IORT) irradiation fields, and to generate graphical and quantitative information to assist radiation oncologists in the design of optimal shielding during pelvic and abdominal IORT. METHOD An IORT system was modeled with BEAMnrc and EGS++ Monte Carlo(More)
In this study the generalized Modulation Transfer Function (GMTF) and the geometric sharpness (Sgeo) were used (i) to study the effects of various focal spot sizes (0.04 mm-0.3 mm), x-ray intensity distributions (Gaussian and double Gaussian), breast thicknesses (2-7 cm) and magnifications M (1.0-2.0) on the spatial resolution of an a-Se digital mammography(More)
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