Tavish Vaidya

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This paper presents SplitStack, an architecture targeted at mitigating asymmetric DDoS attacks. These attacks are particularly challenging, since attackers can use a limited amount of resources to trigger exhaustion of a particular type of system resource on the server side. SplitStack resolves this by splitting the monolithic stack into many separable(More)
Hands-free, voice-driven user input is gaining popularity, in part due to the increasing functionalities provided by intelligent digital assistances such as Siri, Cortana, and Google Now, and in part due to the proliferation of small devices that do not support more traditional, keyboard-based input. In this paper, we examine the gap in the mechanisms of(More)
To help users better understand the potential risks associated with publishing data publicly, and the types of data that can be inferred by combining data from multiple online sources, we introduce a novel information exposure detection framework that generates and analyzes the web footprints users leave across the social web. We propose to use(More)
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