Tauradj Ebrahimi

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JPEG 2000, the new ISO/ITU-T standard for still image coding, is about to be finished. Other new standards have been recently introduced, namely JPEG-LS and MPEG-4 VTC. This paper compares the set of features offered by JPEG 2000, and how well they are fulfilled, versus JPEG-LS and MPEG-4 VTC, as well as the older but widely used JPEG and more recent PNG.(More)
This paper presents a new progressive contour coding method based on digital polygonal approximation. By applying digital geometry concepts such as digital contours, segments and distances at the approximation stage, it is possible to design an inherently progressive encoding scheme which directly exploits the resulting geometrical knowledge. Experimental(More)
We propose a novel technique for coding of texture and three-dimensional data which takes the viewer position into account. This allows to transmit only the most visible parts of information that is needed to render a virtual scene. The rendering operation is modelled and studied using filtering and sampling theory. The technique is applied on real data and(More)
In order to satisfy the needs of new applications in a multi-resolution environment the problem of object{ oriented coding has to be addressed. In this paper two main approaches are presented to tackle this problem. First, an algorithm for shape coding is presented. It is based on a chain coding algorithm where powerful modeling techniques are used to(More)
Corinne Le Buhan Jordan has been a Ph.D. student in the Signal Processing Laboratory of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology since 1995. She has been involved in MPEG-4 activities at EPFL mainly in the eld of object-scalable coding. Her main interest is video coding. Abstract Emerging multimedia applications have created the need for new(More)
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