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The pattern ERG (PERG) is used as an indicator of retinal ganglion cell function. Up to now, reports on the reproducibility of the PERG have been contradictory. We investigated the reproducibility under the conditions of the forthcoming ISCEV guidelines for the PERG. We simultaneously recorded the PERG and VEP in 42 eyes of 21 subjects to phase-reversing(More)
QUESTION The NMDA-receptorantagonist memantin is neuroprotective in retinal ischemia. Does this also apply to the NMDA-receptorantagonist cerestat and the glutamate release inhibitor riluzole? METHODS In 50 rats ischemia was induced by elevating the IOP of one eye to 120 mmHg for 1 h. The drugs were injected before ischemia because, according to our(More)
Online resource databases allow production enterprises to cooperate effectively. The elaborated system concept supports the strategic planning of technology transfer, it also could be used as a basis for the industrial enterprises in elaborating co-operation networks and developing towards extended enterprises. Description and evaluation of innovation(More)
BACKGROUND Purtscher's retinopathy is accompanied by a distinct loss of vision as a result of severe trauma to the chest or skull. Reports on visual prognosis in the literature are not uniform. PATIENTS The data of 10 patients with Purtscher's retinopathy from the department of Ophthalmology in Freiburg, published data from 55 patients with Purtscher's(More)
Growing efficiency in shop floor depends rather on intelligent tools and managing decisions than machining improvements. Immediate reliable information from shop floor can be achieved by monitoring with wireless sensor network (WSN). Precondition for these applications is availability of reliable monitoring models. Regarding this challenge vibration and(More)
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