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An adaptive controller based on multi-layer feed-forward neural network is developed for real-time voltage regulation of a class of PSFB (phase-shifted full-bridge) DC-DC converters. The controller has the unique advantages of nonlinear mapping and adaptive learning. and performs well over a wide range of input voltages and output load currents. The(More)
There are limited data on the evolution of the leukocyte and platelet counts in malaria patients. In a clinical trial of chloroquine vs. chloroquine plus doxycycline vs. doxycycline alone against Plasmodium vivax (n = 64) or Plasmodium falciparum (n = 98) malaria, the total white cell (WCC) and platelet (PLT) counts were measured on Days 0, 3, 7 and 28 in(More)
In this paper, two different control methods for Z-source inverter are examined. The Simple Boost and the Maximum Boost control methods of the inverter are analyzed and compared each other using simulation with MATLAB/Simulink. The Simple Boost control with independence relation between modulation index and shoot-through duty ratio is also simulated and(More)
This paper will outline the simulation of a photovoltaic emulator. A photovoltaic emulator is a DC-DC converter which has similar electrical characteristics to a photovoltaic panel. A photovoltaic emulator allows PV systems to be analyzed in a controlled environment where using actual photovoltaic panels would produce inconsistent results for the PV system,(More)
This paper presents a study of AC adjustable speed drive when used to operate two induction motors. The impact of running the two motors under various loading conditions and operating output frequency to overall efficiency of the adjustable speed drives under room temperature will be discussed. Data obtained from laboratory and their analysis will be(More)
This paper presents a MATLAB/Simulink simulation of a photovoltaic (PV) energy conversion system using a single-phase, single-stage grid-tied PV inverter. Simulation aim to show the role of each component in the system, allowing detailed analysis of both voltage and current output of the photovoltaic inverter with varying input parameters and control(More)
  • N. Bahari, Z. Salam, Taufik
  • IECON 2010 - 36th Annual Conference on IEEE…
  • 2010
This paper presents an efficient Differential Evolution (DE) based solution for harmonic elimination pulse-width modulation (HEPWM). The aim is to solve for the set of transcendental equations that determine the switching angles of the HEPWM waveform. The objective function of the DE is designed to minimize (to near zero) the selected harmonics and at the(More)
This paper presents power quality analysis of a distributed generation system consisting of Photovoltaic (PV)-Inverter system as the renewable source connected to a network of Adjustable Speed Drives (ASDs) as the load. A small-scale laboratory consists of Photovoltaic, Inverter, ASDs and loads system was setup. Two power supplies from PV and grid were(More)
As the number of transistors in microprocessors increases per Moore’s Law their power requirement increases accordingly. This poses design challenges for their power supply module especially when microprocessors operate at sub voltage range. This paper presents a new multiphase topology that addresses these challenges. Laboratory tests on a hardware(More)
With increasing interest in renewable energies, large amounts of money and effort have been put into research and development for photovoltaic systems. The larger interest in PV systems has increased demand for appropriate equipment to test PV systems and for teaching and training the next generation of workers for the sector. A photovoltaic emulator is a(More)