Tatyana Y Koledachkina

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During Drosophila embryogenesis, the attachment of somatic muscles to epidermal tendon cells requires heterodimeric PS-integrin proteins (alpha- and beta-subunits). The alpha-subunits are expressed complementarily, either tendon cell- or muscle-specific, whereas the beta-integrin subunit is expressed in both tissues. Mutations of beta-integrin cause a(More)
During cap-dependent eukaryotic translation initiation, ribosomes scan messenger RNA from the 5' end to the first AUG start codon with favourable sequence context. For many mRNAs this AUG belongs to a short upstream open reading frame (uORF), and translation of the main downstream ORF requires re-initiation, an incompletely understood process. Re-initiation(More)
Non-CpG methylation occurring in the context of CNG sequences is found in plants at a large number of genomic loci. However, there is still little information available about non-CpG methylation in mammals. Efficient methods that would allow detection of scarcely localized methylated sites in small quantities of DNA are required to elucidate the biological(More)
Dendrites exhibit enormous diversity in form and can differ in size by several orders of magnitude even in a single animal. However, whether neurons with large dendrite arbors have specialized mechanisms to support their growth demands is unknown. To address this question, we conducted a genetic screen for mutations that differentially affected growth in(More)
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