Tatyana V. Neretina

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Spider dragline silk possesses impressive mechanical and biochemical properties. It is synthesized by a couple of major ampullate glands in spiders and comprises of two major structural proteins--spidroins 1 and 2. The relationship between structure and mechanical properties of spider silk is not well understood. Here, we modeled the complete process of the(More)
Cyanea is a genus of large bloom-forming scyphozoans, including some of the most conspicuous representatives of megaplankton. Its taxonomy has been revised repeatedly throughout the last century due to the fact that most of the morphological characteristics of Cyanea species, such as color, structure of gastrovascular system and number of tentacles, may(More)
Some holoplanktonic species are cosmopolitan and have continuous distribution in the world’s oceans. For most of these species it is not clear whether there is unhampered gene flow between far distant populations or they represent a complex of cryptic species. In the present study we investigated genetic diversity of the cosmopolitan chaetognath Eukrohnia(More)
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