Tatyana V. Morozova

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The qualitative composition of planktonic microalgae in the Amur River Estuary (in the Sea of Okhotsk) was studied in July 2005, June 2006, and June 2007. The biomass and abundance of phytoplankton were studied for the first time. The average cell density of the microalgae ranged from 194700 to 855100 cells/liter, being higher in 2006 than in 2005 and 2007.(More)
The quantitative and qualitative composition of live dinoflagellate cysts was studied in the upper two-centimeter layer of recent marine sediments that were collected at 19 stations in the coastal waters of the western Bering Sea. A total of 28 types of identified cysts belonged to the following 11 genera: Alexandrium, Diplopsalis, Ensiculifera, Gonyaulax,(More)
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