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RATIONALE Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) hold great promise for cardiac regeneration but are susceptible to various concerns. Recently, salutary effects of stem cells have been connected to exosome secretion. ESCs have the ability to produce exosomes, however, their effect in the context of the heart is unknown. OBJECTIVE Determine the effect of ESC-derived(More)
BACKGROUND Bacteria play a role in inflammatory bowel disease and other forms of intestinal inflammation. Although much attention has focused on the search for a pathogen or inciting inflammatory bacteria, another possibility is a lack of beneficial bacteria that normally confer anti-inflammatory properties in the gut. The purpose of this study was to(More)
Diabetes is associated with a higher incidence of myocardial infarction (MI) and increased risk for adverse vascular and fibrogenic events post-MI. Bone marrow-derived progenitor cell (BMPC) therapy has been shown to promote neovascularization, decrease infarct area and attenuate left ventricular (LV) dysfunction after MI. Unlike vascular effects, the(More)
We have shown previously that estrogen (estradiol, E2) supplementation enhances voluntary alcohol consumption in ovariectomized female rodents and that increased alcohol consumption impairs ischemic hind limb vascular repair. However, the effect of E2-induced alcohol consumption on post-infarct myocardial repair and on the phenotypic/functional properties(More)
Methyl phosphonate oligonucleotides have been used as antisense and antigene agents. Substitution of a methyl group for oxygen in the phosphate ester backbone introduces a new chiral center. Significant differences in physical properties and hybridization abilities are observed between the R(p) and S(p) diastereomers. Chirally pure methylphosphonate(More)
Oligonucleotide derivatives conjugated to a chemical construction with two histamine residues imitating the catalytic center of ribonuclease A have been synthesized. In experiments with the conjugates complementary to the 3'-end and to the variable loop and the T loop of yeast tRNA(Phe), it was shown that the compounds can accomplish sequence-specific(More)
We detail the design, synthesis, and characterization of an o-nitrobenzyl-based photolabile linker containing amine and carboxyl anchor groups. A model nucleoside monomer modified with an imidazole residue and a precursor unit linked to a heterocyclic base through a photolabile tether is constructed Upon UV irradiation (313- 365 nm), the imidazole(More)
The fundamental roles of nucleoside triphosphates and nucleotide cofactors such as NAD(+) in biochemistry are well known. In recent decades, continuing research has revealed the key role of 5'-capped RNA and 5',5'-dinucleoside polyphosphates in the regulation of vitally important physiological processes. Last but not least, the commercial potential of(More)
We propose the new approach to the synthesis of 5'-triphosphate derivatives of natural and modified dinucleotides with expanded functionality. Our strategy includes the combination of the solution phase synthesis of necessary dimers using the wide range of nucleic acids chemistry methods and the subsequent introduction of the triphosphate residue. A number(More)
Conjugates of 2'-deoxyguanosine, L-tryptophan and benzophenone designed to study pathways of fast radical reactions by the photo Chemically Induced Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (photo-CIDNP) method were obtained by the phosphotriester block liquid phase synthesis. The phosphotriester approach to the oligonucleotide synthesis was shown to be a versatile and(More)