Tatyana S Goryachaya

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Unidirectional (22)Na, Li(+) and Rb(+) fluxes and net fluxes of Na(+) and K(+) were measured in U937 human leukemic cells before and after induction of apoptosis by staurosporine (1 microM, 4 h) to(More)
The K+, Na+, and Cl− balance and K+ (Rb+) and 36Cl− fluxes in U937 cells induced to apoptosis by 0.2 or 1 μM staurosporine were studied using flame emission and radioisotope techniques. It is found(More)
A decrease in flow cytometric forward light scatter (FSC) is commonly interpreted as a sign of apoptotic cell volume decrease (AVD). However, the intensity of light scattering depends not only on the(More)
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