Tatyana Levchenko

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Liposomes modified with TAT peptide (TATp-liposomes) showed fast and efficient translocation into the cell cytoplasm with subsequent migration into the perinuclear zone. TATp-liposomes containing a(More)
To achieve an efficient intracellular drug and DNA delivery, attempts were made to target microparticulate drug carriers into cytoplasm bypassing the endocytotic pathway. TAT peptides derived from(More)
We have attempted to simplify the procedure for coupling various ligands to distal ends of liposome-grafted polyethylene glycol (PEG) chains and to make it applicable for single-step binding of a(More)
Earlier demonstrated cardio-protection by ATP-loaded liposomes (ATP-L) was further improved by attachment of cardiac myosin-specific monoclonal 2G4 antibody onto the surface of ATP-L. ATP-IL were(More)