Tatyana Konstantinovna Shkineva

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AIM Effects of C-nitropyrazoles and C-nitroazoles on ocular blood flow and retinal function recovery after ischemia have been studied. METHODS The compounds were tested on ocular blood flow of ocular hypertensive (40 mmHg) rabbit eyes with colored microsphere technique. They were also tested on the retinal function recovery after ischemia of rat eyes with(More)
A new family of energetic compounds, nitropyrazoles bearing a trinitromethyl moiety at the nitrogen atom of the heterocycle, was designed. The desirable high-energy dense oxidizers 3,4-dinitro- and 3,5-dinitro-1-(trinitromethyl)pyrazoles were synthesized in good yields by destructive nitration of the corresponding 1-acetonylpyrazoles. All of the prepared(More)
Twelve compounds of N-nitropyrazoles were studied for their effects on ocular blood flow in rabbits and retinal function recovery in rat eyes after ischemic insults. Of the twelve N-nitropyrazoles examined, nine increased choroidal blood flow while five increased retinal blood flow significantly. On the other hand, all twelve compounds increased blood flow(More)
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