Tatyana E Vadivasova

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The dynamical structure of genetic networks determines the occurrence of various biological mechanisms, such as cellular differentiation. However, the question of how cellular diversity evolves in relation to the inherent stochasticity and intercellular communication remains still to be understood. Here, we define a concept of stochastic bifurcations(More)
Using the model of a generalized Van der Pol oscillator in the regime of subcritical Hopf bifurcation, we investigate the influence of time delay on noise-induced oscillations. It is shown that for appropriate choices of time delay, either suppression or enhancement of coherence resonance can be achieved. Analytical calculations are combined with numerical(More)
We develop a model of bistable oscillator with nonlinear dissipation. Using a numerical simulation and an electronic circuit realization of this system we study its response to additive noise excitations. We show that depending on noise intensity the system undergoes multiple qualitative changes in the structure of its steady-state probability density(More)
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