Tatyana Bregman

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The appetite-stimulating effects of the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa) have been known since ancient times, and appear to be effected through the incentive and rewarding properties of foods. Investigations into the biological basis of the multiple effects of cannabis have yielded important breakthroughs in recent years: the discovery of two cannabinoid(More)
In view of previous evidence that area 17 and 18 cells in cats represent the first level contour abstraction, we decided to study the specific response pattern of these cells to shapes enriched with contours, such as animated objects (AO). AO (cat's body whole contours) and 4 levels of AO degraded patterns were presented monocularly and repeatedly to the(More)
Given that cells in visual cortical area 18 in cats encode information of complex shapes, in addition to conventional stimuli like bars and gratings, we studied the capability of single cells in this area to 'identify' animated contours. The recorded cells were not selective to specific animated contours, whereas they were highly sensitive to the contour's(More)
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