Tatyana Aleksandrovna Khrustaleva

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The SF23 peptide corresponding to the receptor binding fragment of diphtheria toxin (residues 508-530) has been synthesized. This fragment forming a protruding beta hairpin has been chosen because it(More)
In this study we classified regions of random coil into four types: coil between alpha helix and beta strand, coil between beta strand and alpha helix, coil between two alpha helices and coil between(More)
In this study we used non-overlapping parts of the two long open reading frames coding for nonstructural (NS) and capsid (VP) proteins of all available sequences of the Parvovirus B19 subgenotype 1a(More)
Mechanisms of beta sheet formation by the human prion protein are not clear yet. In this work, we clarified the role of the region containing C-half of the second helix and N-half of the third helix(More)