Tatyana A. Novikova

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Electron microscopy of the cerebral cortex in cats and monkeys following transcranial micropolarization (TCMP) demonstrated ultrastructural changes whose degree was dependent on the electric current intensity and the stimulation period. In the focus of stimulation the current affected the brain tissue directly, different elements of the cerebral cortex(More)
A correlation has been found between the time course of the biological activity of specific oligo- and polypeptide factors in cerebrospinal fluid and the effectiveness of motor function recovery. The fluid as a donor material accelerates the compensatory process in recipient animals with unilateral neocortical damage. The procedure stimulates the formation(More)
A cab and operator's workplace on a caterpillar tractor of the traction class 3 DT-175C called Volgar' has a number of constructive disadvantages, i.e., lack of correspondence of some ergonomic parameters with permissible values. Constructive disadvantages of the workplace cause forced bent, asymmetric work posture of a tractor driver which, combined with(More)
The influence of the donor's cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) on retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) from lumbar cord segments to neurons of the sensomotor cortex (SMC) in rats after the left SMC damage was studied. The CSF of convalescents (21 days after damage) and CSF of normal rats was shown to activate the transport of HRP to neurons of the(More)
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