Tatyana A. Novikova

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Electron microscopic examinations of the cerebral cortex in rabbits and rats after exposure to weak extra-low electromagnetic fields has detected ultrastructural changes whose degree in different nerve tissue elements was dependent on the duration of irradiation. Single exposure to weak extra-low electromagnetic field resulted only in the glial response of(More)
Electron microscopy of the cerebral cortex in cats and monkeys following transcranial micropolarization (TCMP) demonstrated ultrastructural changes whose degree was dependent on the electric current intensity and the stimulation period. In the focus of stimulation the current affected the brain tissue directly, different elements of the cerebral cortex(More)
Based on the study of the immune status in 133 subjects of whom 85 suffered from chronic bronchitis and chronic pneumonia and 50 comprised the group of normal subjects it could be established that patients with chronic bronchitis and chronic pneumonia showed a reduction in the blood of T and B lymphocytes. Administration of levamisole to patients with(More)
The method of isozymic analysis of megagametophytes is used for an estimation of genetic variability in populations of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.), inhabiting contrast on the level of radioactive contamination (60-17800 Bq/kg on 137Cs) sites in the Bryansk region, undergone to radioactive pollution as a result of the Chernobyl accident. Values of all(More)
The findings from long-term field studies on biological effects in plant populations inhabiting radioactively contaminated territories contrast in levels and compositions of dose-forming radionuclides are presented. Plant populations developing under radioactive impact show enhanced frequencies of gene and chromosome mutations, and their reproductive(More)
The subpopulation composition of lymphocytes in patients with different forms of diphtheria infection before treatment was studied by the method of laser cytometry with the use of monoclonal antibodies. Statistically significant differences in the characteristics of cell-mediated immunity between groups of diphtheria patients and carriers were obtained. In(More)
Tolerance and immunomodulating properties of leukinferon for injections were studied in 13 healthy volunteers. The drug was administered by inhalation and intramuscularly in a single dose of 10,000 MU twice daily for 3 days. Intramuscular injections of the drug were accompanied by a number of side effects: pyrogenicity, weakness, headache, that ceased 8-12(More)
Investigations into the synthesis of sulfoanalogs of ~-aminobutyric acid (GABA) are related to the search for new biologically active compounds. A comparative study of the sedative (calming) effects o f GABA and homotaurine showed that the latter compound is more active [I]. As is known, introduction of an aryl substituent at the 13 position with respect to(More)