Tattaya Pukkalanun

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This paper presents a versatile voltage-mode universal active filter with one input and five output terminals. The proposed circuit is based on using the recently reported active building block, namely differential difference current conveyor transconductance amplifier (DDCCTA). It employs two DDCCTAs as active elements together with two resistors and two(More)
A realization of the CMOS digitally programmable current follower (DP-CF) suitable for low-voltage high-frequency application is presented. To achieve very low input resistance, it is realized using a modification of a low-input resistance stage as an input stage. To achieve the precise digital control of the current gain, the current division technique is(More)
In this paper, an electronically tunable currentmode universal filter with three inputs and one output employing two voltage differencing transconductance amplifier (VDTA) and two grounded capacitors is proposed. The presented circuit can configure to realize all the five standard biquadratic filter functions; lowpass, bandpass, highpass, bandstop and(More)
This paper presents a possible usage of the voltage differencing transconductance amplifier (VDTA) for the design of an electronically tunable single-input five-output voltage-mode universal filter. The presented filter is constructed using two VDTAs, two capacitors and two resistors that are all grounded. The circuit simultaneously realizes lowpass (LP),(More)
In this work, an electronically tunable universal voltage-mode biquadratic filter with single input and five outputs is introduced. The proposed filter structure only employs three differential difference current conveyor transconductance amplifiers (DDCCTAs) and two grounded capacitors without needing any external passive resistor. All the five standard(More)
A two-input two-output (TITO) current-mode universal biquad using only four dual-output operational transconductance amplifier (DO-OTAs) and two grounded capacitors is described. By appropriately connecting the input and output terminals, the proposed circuit can provide lowpass, bandpass, highpass, bandstop and allpass current responses. The filter also(More)
In this paper, a current-mode Kerwin-HuelsmanNewcomb (KHN) filter structure employing four modified current follower transconductance amplifiers (MCFTAs) and two grounded capacitors is proposed. The circuit structure has one low-impedance current input and three high-impedance current outputs, and enables realizing lowpass, bandpass and highpass current(More)
This paper presents the synthesis procedure of using the signal flow graph (SFG) technique to realize general n<sup>th</sup>-order allpole voltage transfer function employing voltage differencing buffered amplifiers (VDBAs) and grounded capacitors. The proposed methodology, in general, contains at most n VDBAs and n grounded capacitors, without needing(More)