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We propose a small biped entertainment robot prototype , Sony Dream Robot (SDR) that realizes the Motion Entertainment and the Communication Entertainment. SDR-4X is the latest prototype model which remains a small humanoid type robot and is expanding its capabilities o f adaptability in home environment. New technologies are as follows. The first is newly(More)
We developed a four-arm four-crawler advanced disaster response robot called OCTOPUS. Disaster response robots are expected to be capable of both mobility, e.g., entering narrow spaces over very rough unstable ground, and workability, e.g., conducting complex debris-demolition work. However, conventional disaster response robots are specialized in either(More)
SDR-4X is the latest prototype model which is a small hu-manoid type robot. We reported the outline of this robot last year. In this paper we discuss more about mechanical system which is important and original for a small biped entertainment robot which will be used in home environment. One technology is the design of actuators alignment in the body which(More)
This paper presents a virtual reality (VR) simulator for four-arm disaster response robot OCTOPUS, which has high capable of both mobility and workability. OCTOPUS has 26 degrees of freedom (DOF) and is currently teleoperated by two operators, so it is quite difficult to operate OCTOPUS. Thus, we developed a VR simulator for training operation, developing(More)
SDR-4X II is the latest prototype model which is a small biped entertainment robot. Formerly we reported the outline of SDR-4X II, and mechanical system, control system and sensor system. In this paper we report about analysis of various important motions of this small biped entertainment robot which is used in home environment. Humanoid type robot(More)