Tatsuyuki Kawakubo

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With the use of the patch-clamp technique, five kinds of stretch-activated (SA) ion channels were identified on the basis of their single-channel conductances and ion selectivities in cultured chick ventricular myocytes. Because a high-conductance K+-selective channel predominated among these channels, we concentrated on characterizing its properties mostly(More)
A crucial point for mechanical force generation in actomyosin systems is how the energy released by ATP hydrolysis in the myosin motor domain gives rise to the movement of the myosin head along the actin filament. We assumed the signal of the ATP hydrolysis to be transmitted as modulated atomic vibrations from the nucleotide-binding site throughout the(More)
Muscle contraction is caused by directed movement of myosin heads along actin filaments. This movement is triggered by ATP hydrolysis, which occurs within the motor domain of myosin. The mechanism for this intramolecular process remains unknown owing to a lack of ways to observe the detailed motions of each atom in the myosin molecule. We carried out 10-ns(More)
A change in conductance of an artificial membrane at a threshold concentration of environmental salt solution was interpreted in terms of a change in adsorptive reaction rate on the interface which was derived from an autocatalytic reaction model. The model also accounted for a self-sustained potential oscillation which was observed when the salt(More)
Oscillatory behavior in response to current-clamp and voltage-clamp stimulation was examined on a water/oil/water system consisting of an aqueous solution of sodium oleate as surfactant, a solution of 2,2'-bipyridine in nitrobenzene and an aqueous solution of sodium chloride. Stable oscillation was observed only when the strength of the stimulation lay(More)
An excitatory potential generated in response to stimulation by a current pulse has been studied on an artificial membrane composed of a Nuclepore filter impregnated with sorbitan monooleate. An excitatory potential response accompanying a fall in the resistance of the membrane was found to occur above a threshold value of the pulse height for current(More)
We have recently completed the construction of two I molecular beam stabilized argon lasers. The beat data confirmed the excellent long-term stability of a few parts in 1014, which we have measured earlier by using only one laser and observing the laser frequency drift in an independent I2 molecular beam. Laser intensity shift was shown to be less than five(More)
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