Tatsuya Yanagisawa

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Millimeter-wave applications are gaining growing interest in recent times. To meet the challenges for such applications, SiGe HBTs, with simultaneously optimized f/sub T/ and f/sub max/ of >300 GHz, are developed. To the author's knowledge, this is the first report of f/sub T/ and f/sub max/ both exceeding 300 GHz for any Si-based transistor. BV/sub CEO/(More)
We have been using FT or FMEA…etc to design our new products till now. In this study, we find that the new vehicle product development can be more efficient if we adopt STAMP/STPA, which shows the complicated relationship between human and machine and feedback the hazard in an early development stage. 1 Background After the Great East Japan Earthquake(More)
The magnetic phase diagram for antiferro-quadrupole (AFQ) ordering in tetragonal HoB2C2 has been investigated by measurements of elastic constants C11, C44 and C66 in fields along the basal x-y plane as well as the principal [001]-axis. The hybrid magnet (GAMA) in Tsukuba Magnetic Laboratory was employed for high field measurements up to 30 T. The AFQ phase(More)
We have performed precise dc magnetization measurements for a single crystal of UBe(13) down to 0.14 K, up to 80 kOe. We observed a magnetic anomaly in the superconducting (SC) mixed state at a field, named H(Mag)(*) (~ 26 kOe, at 0.14 K), implying that UBe(13) has a magnetically unusual SC state. We studied the magnetization curves of UBe(13), assuming(More)
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