Tatsuya Yamaguchi

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—This paper presents a 60-GHz direct-conversion RF front-end and baseband transceiver including analog and digital circuitry for PHY functions. The 65-nm CMOS front-end consumes 319 and 223 mW in transmitting and receiving mode, respectively. It is capable of more than 7-Gb/s 16QAM wireless communication for every channel of the 60-GHz standards, which can(More)
— This paper presents a 60-GHz direct-conversion transceiver using 60-GHz quadrature oscillators. The 65nm CMOS transceiver realizes the IEEE802.15.3c full-rate wireless communication for every 16QAM/8PSK/QPSK/BPSK mode. The maximum data rates with an antenna built in a package are 8 Gbps in QPSK mode and 11 Gbps in 16QAM mode within a BER of < 10 −3. The(More)
This paper proposes a feature extraction method for online handwritten characters for a penmanship learning support system. This system has a database of model characters. It evaluates the characters a learner writes by comparing them with the model characters. However, if we prepare feature information for every character, information must be input every(More)
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