Tatsuya Sugita

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We have developed a low-loss bidirectional optical coupler for high-speed optical communication with plastic optical fibers (POFs). The coupler, which is fabricated by an injection molding method that uses poly (methyl methacrylate), has an antisymmetric tapered shape. We show that the coupler has low insertion and branching losses. The tapered shape of the(More)
A novel method for toner pattern generation is proposed. The image pattern is simply formed by direction of a light flash through a pattern mask to expose toner on a transparent support. The force of movement from light of which the optical energy density was 0.73 J/cm(2) and the exposure time was 0.43 ms FWHM was estimated to be more than 2.8 x 10(-9) N.(More)
We studied the imaging performance of a chirped grating for a demultiplexer designed for coarse wavelength division multiplexing using a wavefront aberration analysis and the ray tracing simulation. The demultiplexer was composed of a chirped grating, cylindrical lenses, and a waveguide. The best image point and the spot shape focused by the chirped grating(More)
A chirped grating segmented into partitions each having a constant blaze angle to use in a demultiplexer for coarse wavelength division multiplexing with multimode optical fibers is developed. Its designed configuration utilizes a resonance region to achieve high diffraction efficiency and large dispersion. The width, blaze angle, and diffraction order of(More)
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