Tatsuya Mori

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Identifying elephant flows is very important in developing effective and efficient traffic engineering schemes. In addition, obtaining the statistics of these flows is also very useful for network operation and management. On the other hand, with the rapid growth of link speed in recent years, packet sampling has become a very attractive and scalable means(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the prognostic role of different clinico-pathological parameters in node-positive patients treated by radical cystectomy. METHODS A retrospective multi-institutional study of 435 patients who underwent radical cystectomy between 1990 and 2005 was carried out. Of them, pathological lymph node (LN) metastases were found in 83(More)
PURPOSE We determined whether diagnostic ureteroscopy for upper urinary tract cancer affects intravesical recurrence and cancer specific mortality. MATERIALS AND METHODS In a retrospective, multi-institutional study we evaluated 208 patients undergoing nephroureterectomy for upper urinary tract cancer who had no perioperative systemic chemotherapy,(More)
Although neuronal functions depend on their robust polarity, the mechanisms that ensure generation and maintenance of only a single axon remain poorly understood. Using highly sensitive two-dimensional electrophoresis-based proteomics, we identified here a novel protein, single axon-related (singar)1/KIAA0871/RPIPx/RUFY3, which contains a RUN domain and is(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the role of lymph-node (LN) dissection in patients undergoing surgery for upper urinary tract (UUT) cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS We reviewed the clinicopathological data from 312 patients with UUT cancer treated predominantly by nephroureterectomy. The relationship between clinical characteristics and cancer-specific survival (CSS)(More)
Abusive traffic caused by worms is increasing severely in the Internet. In many cases, worm-infected hosts generate a huge number of flows of small size during a short time. To suppress the abusive traffic and prevent worms from spreading, identifying these "superspreaders" as soon as possible and coping with them, e.g, disconnecting them from the network,(More)
This work attempts to characterize network traffic flows originating from large-scale video sharing services such as YouTube. The key technical contributions of this paper are twofold. We first present a simple and effective methodology that identifies traffic flows originating from video hosting servers. The key idea behind our approach is to leverage the(More)
Understanding the impacts and patterns of network events such as link flaps or hardware errors is crucial for diagnosing network anomalies. In large production networks, analyzing the log messages that record network events has become a challenging task due to the following two reasons. First, the log messages are composed of unstructured text messages(More)
E-mail sender authentication is a promising way of verifying the sources of e-mail messages. Since today's primary e-mail sender authentication mechanisms are designed as fully decentralized architecture, it is crucial for e-mail operators to know how other organizations are using and misusing them. This paper addresses the question "<i>How is the DNS(More)