Tatsuya Matsumoto

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Japanese pear (Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai) has a gametophytic self-incompatibility (GSI) mechanism controlled by a single S-locus with multiple S-haplotypes, each of which contains separate genes that determine the allelic identity of pistil and pollen. The pistil S gene is the S-ribonuclease (S-RNase) gene, whereas good candidates for the pollen S gene are the(More)
This paper deals with the pseudo noise (PN) generating method for digital audio watermarking using time-spread echo hiding. In time-spread echo based audio watermarking, the secret payload is embedded in the form of multiple echoes spread by a pseudo noise sequence and the pseudo noise sequence is used as secret key. Generally, the pseudo noise sequence is(More)
Metalated O-silyl cyanohydrins of beta-silyl-alpha,beta-epoxyaldehyde have been found to serve as functionalized homoenolate equivalents by a tandem sequence involving base-promoted ring opening of the epoxide, Brook rearrangement, and alkylation of the resulting allylic anion. On the basis of mechanistic studies involving competitive experiments using the(More)
Reaction of gamma-silyl-beta,gamma-epoxybutanenitrile with a base generates an alpha-nitrile carbanion derivative of 4-siloxybut-3-enenitrile, which undergoes reaction with bis-electrophiles such as 1,omega-dihaloalkanes, omega-bromo-alpha,beta-unsaturated esters, and bisenoates to provide highly functionalized carbocycles.
The visual expression of a surface quality of human skin is required in a wide range of fields, such as in cosmetics industry. It is much harder, however, to generate intuitively and accurately a computer graphics (CG) image of human skin that has a desired impression without professional knowledge and skills because of its complex physical properties. It(More)
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