Tatsuya Matsukawa

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IEEE802.11 wireless LAN systems are being widely used and multiple wireless LAN coexistence systems like 802.11b/g are available at the same time. However, in such environments, network performance is likely to degrade because the CAMA/CA mechanism does not always work well. Especially in the 802.11b/g systems, issues on performance degradation caused by(More)
The fabric architecture, which can realize massive packet forwarding even with small switches/routers, has been widely used as a network infrastructure in data centers in order to achieve high scalability and low cost. In carrier networks, large scale routers have been adapted as core routers due to the requirement of high density for accommodating a large(More)
あらまし 高信頼な通信ネットワークを経済的に実現するためには,信頼性設計が重要である.通信を含む社 会基盤系サービスでは,故障によって被る社会的影響を低く抑えることが基本であり,同時にこれを定量的に測 定する技術が求められる.しかし社会的影響を測る尺度は,その重要性が従来から認識されてはいるものの明確 な定義がなく,実際の故障データによる検証も含め,これまで十分に検討されてきたとは言い難い.本論文では, 新たな尺度として通信トラヒックの日内変動を考慮した重み付き影響規模,並びに重み付きユーザ申告件数を導 入し,通信サービス故障による社会的影響を分析する手法を提案する.更に実際の故障データ分析を通じた提案 手法の有効性を示す.また,報道の対象となる故障は,一般に社会的影響が大きい事象と考えられるため,報道(More)
In the 5G era, it is expected that various services will be provided on network slices, which are virtualized network resources. Unlike the uniform service level provided in the current Internet, a network slice has to support multiple service levels for various types of services such as IP telephony, Internet-access and IoT/M2M. Because their requirements(More)
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