Tatsuya Kobori

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  • S Kunze, E Matuš, G Fettweis, T Kobori
  • 2010
In this paper we present the concept of a high-throughput multi-mode channel decoder architecture that consists of a tightly coupled array of independently programmable processing cores. Every core is capable of decoding low-density parity-check (LDPC), convolutional turbo (CTC) and con-volutional codes (CC) either independently or jointly with other cores.(More)
SUMMARY Ruptured saccular aneurysms were severe condition for intracerebral Condition. And the cause for their rupture is not yet clear. In this study (I), since the configurations of aneurysms are considered to be a factor for the rupture of aneurysms, several shapes has been modeled using Aspect ratio AR and inclination angle of saccular aneurysms. In(More)
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