Tatsuya Kashiwa

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Inter-vehicle communication system using 720 MHz band to prevent car crashes at an intersection has been proposed in Japan recently. In this paper, the propagation characteristics at an intersection surrounded by concrete block walls in residential area were analyzed by using the FDTD method for the first time. We investigated the influence of wall(More)
In the radio propagation analysis, it is expected that the FDTD method becomes a counterpart of ray-tracing method by using the direction of arrival (DOA) estimation method. However, characteristics of DOA estimation in the FDTD analysis are not clear. In this paper, the accuracy of DOA estimation in the FDTD analysis of radio propagation using the multiple(More)
A pyramidal radiowave absorber is widely used for anechoic chamber. When high power equipment such as radar is measured in anechoic chamber, a risk that the absorber will catch fire occurs by absorbing the high power. In this paper, effects of incident angle on both electromagnetic absorption and temperature characteristics of a pyramidal radiowave absorber(More)
A new complex, [Re(6)S(8)Cl(5)ppy](3-) (ppy = 4-phenylpyridine), was synthesized and characterized. The complex showed red emission at 296 K in both the crystalline phase and CH(3)CN. The transient absorption spectrum of [Re(6)S(8)Cl(5)ppy](3-) revealed that the emissive excited state involved the {Re(6)(μ(3)-S)(8)} core-to-ligand charge-transfer character.