Tatsuya Isoda

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This paper describes the result of concrete analysis of correlation between in-house activities and power consumptions that has been conducted in order to reduce the home power consumption. Recently, various studies on power consumptions are conducted. In this study, we have executed system development, experiments by subjects, analysis of correlation(More)
In this paper, we integrate nurse activity data, location data, and medical records to predict the nursing load of every day, assuming the application for task allocation for nurses. We collected nurse activity data, location data, medical payment data, and nursing needs data in cooperation with one floor of a hospital, which constitutes the orthopedic(More)
In this study, in order to analyze duties of the nurses, we performed experiments to collect the duties activity data of the nurses for a long term. We set 38 nurses as subjects and asked them to carry out duties while attaching a wearable small sensor device, and collected the acceleration data, meeting information between nurses and the nurse duties(More)
At present, office entrances and exits are controlled mainly using RFID tags, such as employee ID cards or admission cards. When using an RFID tag, the card reader is placed at the entrance and recognition only occurs when entering the room in most cases. Thus, the information required to enter is only recognized during entry but not when leaving. In this(More)
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