Tatsuya Hagino

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A typed lambda calculus with categorical type constructors is introduced. It has a uniform category theoretic mechanism to declare new types. Its type structure includes categorical objects like products and coproducts as well as recursive types like natural numbers and lists. It also allows duals of recursive types, i.e. lazy types, like infinite lists. It(More)
A theory of data types and a programming language based on category theory are presented. Data types play a crucial role in programming. They enable us to write programs easily and elegantly. Various programming languages have been developed, each of which may use different kinds of data types. Therefore, it becomes important to organize data types(More)
We present the design and implementation of XEBRA system. XEBRA is an integrated programming environment for XML processing and browsing on which users can build their own XML processing applications. XEBRA has a lisp interpreter as its main control system. The lisp interpreter provides programming interface for users. It also provides XML manipulation(More)