Tatsuya Fukuyama

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In many countries, patients are generally allowed to have clear fluids until 2–3 h before surgery. In Japan, long preoperative fasting is still common practice. To shorten the preoperative fasting period in Japan, we tested the safety and efficacy of oral rehydration therapy until 2 h before surgery. Three hundred low-risk patients scheduled for morning(More)
hospital due to increase of repeated episodes for the previous 1 month and was scheduled for surgical repair of the TOF. These attacks continued after admission, and his last attack occurred 1 week before operation. Clinical examination showed erythrocytosis (hemoglobin concentration, 17.5g·dl 1; hematocrit, 51.6%), slight coagulopathy (thrombo test, 72%),(More)
Noncontact manipulation of nano/micromaterials presents a great challenge in fields ranging from biotechnology to nanotechnology. In this study we developed a new strategy for the manipulation of molecules and cells based on diffusiophoresis driven by a concentration gradient of a polymer solute. By using laser focusing in a microfluidic device, we created(More)
BACKGROUND Lactate is a very sensitive marker of outcomes in critically ill patients. The aim of this study was to investigate the significance of blood lactate measurement during fast-track cardiac anesthesia. METHODS We examined arterial blood lactate levels of 12 patients following coronary artery bypass graft surgery under intermittent aortic cross(More)
We report a preeclamptic patient who revealed severe pulmonary edema. A 37-year-old woman, at 32-week gestation, underwent emergency cesarean section under general anesthesia. She had no particular past medical history. SpO2 was 84% (room air) on the arrival at the operating room, and a chest X-ray showed pulmonary edema. She was managed in the intensive(More)
Abducens nerve palsy as initial symptom of trigeminal schwannoma, 1190 ABIKO, S. See HIGASHI, K., SAKATA, Y., et al. ABRAMSKY, O. See SOFFER, D., LICHT, A., et al. Abscess, cerebral, bacteriology of (P), 197 -, immediate primary excision of (P), 1026 intracranial, diagnosis of, value of computerised tomography in, 214 of brain stem, chronic, 625 Accessory(More)
We report two cases of massive perioperative bleeding and multiple organ failure with past history of Hassab's operation. Massive bleeding occurred during laparotomy and thoracocentesis in each case. After Hassab's operation, collateral circulation and coagulation disorders could develop, and unanticipated massive bleeding might occur. Preparations for(More)